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Growing up is part of life. And to grow it must be strong. The motors that drive and cast the Brazilian industry now have names: Grupo Voges. Force, innovation and productivity in the service of their business. The Voges Group is one of the leaders in the market of electric motors and cast in Latin America. With manufacturing plants located in Caxias do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, the Voges Group was established in 2008. The trajectory of the companies under the command of businessman Osvaldo Voges, however, began in 1992, with the founding of Steel Plano Metalcorte. Designed to open a steel service center in the Sierra Gaucha, Osvaldo Voges entrepreneurship allied commitment to provide high quality raw materials for industry. Steel incorporated new business. In 2003, acquired the first of factories Eberle, Foundry. In 2004, Eberle Electric Motors and Reforestation. With the need to have a name that unify different businesses, in 2008 Grupo nation Voges, named after its founder and has as main units Foundry and Voges Voges Engines.






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