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Under this name forward to excellent service. Our staff and distrbuidores will ensure that you always have a competent and personalized advice. Contact us!

Phoenix Contact Headquarters

The headquarters of Phoenix Contact is in Blomberg, in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. From there we maintain contact with everyone.
The Phoenix Contact Group in Germany consists of seven companies. All with a well-defined function: offer the best solution for their projects in the field of industrial automation.

Phoenix Contact Worldwide

Seven production plants in different countries. Almost 50 own and subsidiaries 30 representations. It can be rather quiet: We are very close to you.


From the individual component to the custom solution

Innovations that inspire: from individual product to complete solution

The core of the company is formed our broad portfolio of products designed for different markets and their needs: connection technology for equipment and printed circuit boards, Industrial for electrical engineering and electronics components, and specific automation solutions for every industry.

Our innovation in: components, systems and solutions will convince you.


When functionality is needed to detail. When high quality parts or loose components with high reliability are required. From classic to rail terminals, to industrial machinery resistant connectors for water, until the wireless ethernet.


When the combination of different components must be perfect. Compared to the individual product, here we have a greater complexity without sacrificing efficiency for nothing.


When sustainable responses are needed, complete and totally new to special issues. Here we adapt fully to their needs and find together the best solution.


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