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Moeller is now part of Eaton: born a new electrical engineering giant. The two brands have much in common. With many benefits for you.

Because, as a key international figure, together we want to always be the best provider for you, and to offer anywhere in the world products, services and premium solutions.

Eaton will maintain and increase the innovative strength and product quality which has distinguished Moeller for decades.

It will be supplemented by experience, presence, safety and strength only a leading technology group can offer. Therefore, not surprising that our employees are proud to be part of Eaton.

In summary, is a logical connection that is more positive for our common business. With the integration of Moeller and its incorporation in the Electrical Sector Eaton, in April 2008 began a new era.

Some products are:

Command and signaling
Starter and motor protection
Circuit Breakers
Modular switchgear
Solar Range
UPS Range
Control and monitoring

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