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Miguélez, S.L. is a manufacturer of electric cables which bases its production system in a cutting edge technology, in constant innovation and development process.

The basic objectives are Quality and Service
Some of our products are:

Cables of rated voltage up to 750V Cables of rated voltage 0,6/1 KV
-Barry H07V-U/-R -RV Barrynax RV
-Barryflex H07V-K -RZ Barrynax RZ
-Barry V2-U / R H07V2-U/-R -Ar-strap Barrynax RVFAV / RVFV
-V2-K Barryflex H07V2-K -Ar-Corona Barrynax RVMV
-Barryflex man H05VV-F -VV-K multiple Barryflex VV-K
-Barryflex oil H05VV5-F -Barryflex RV-K RV-K
-Multiple Barryflex VV-F ES05VV-F -Ar-strap Barryflex RVFAV-K/RVFV-K
-Afirefácil (AS) MAKE-K H07Z1 -Ar-Corona Barryflex RVMV-K
-CC-Z Afirenas (AS) H07Z-R -Multiple Afirenas RZ1-K (AS) RZ1-K (AS)
-Afirenas Man H05Z1Z1-F -Afirenas X RZ1-K (AS) RZ1-K (AS)
-Afirenas L (AS) ES05Z1-K/H07Z1-K -Afirenas DI-X RZ1-K (AS) RZ1-K (AS)
-Afirenas CC – Z1 (AS) H07Z1-R -Afirenas Ar-Fleje (AS) RZ1FAZ1-K / RZ1FZ1-K(AS)-
-Afirefenix man SZ1-K 300/500 V -Afirenas Ar-Corona (AS) RZ1MZ1-K (AS)
-Termosil H05S-U -Afirefenix (AS ) SZ1-K (AS )
-Termoflex H05S-K- -Afirefenix Ar-Fleje (AS) SZ1FAZ1-K / SZ1FZ1-K(AS )
-Termoflex SS H05SS-K -Afirefenix Ar-Corona (AS) SZ1MZ1-K (AS )
-Termoflex man H05SS-F -Afirefenix Ar-Corrugado (AS) SZ1F3Z1-K(AS ) / SZ1FA3Z1-K(AS )
-Precab K -Terranax Cable de cobre para redes de tierra
-Precab Z1-K
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