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AEMC Instruments

AEMC ® Instruments manufactures electrical professional test and measurement instruments for the industrial market, commercial and public services. Excellent customer support and technical assistance of experts are our top priority. Founded in 1893, our products are backed by more than 100 years of experience in test and measurement equipment, and encompass the latest international standards of quality and safety

Some products are:

Cable Testers
Calibration / Reference Instruments
Clamp-On Meters
Current Measurement Probes
Data Loggers
DC Power Supplies
Digital Multimeters
Electrical Test Tools
Environmental Testers
Ground Resistance Testers
Leakage Current Meters and Probes
Megohmmeters/Insulation Resistance Testers
Motor / Transformer Testers .
Power Analyzers – Meters – Loggers .
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