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Eaton - Photovoltaic Generation

Eaton offers several solutions for photovoltaic power generation, such as:

Electrical Balance System for Commercial Applications

We know space is always at a premium. That's why we offer solutions in power control and management of totally integrated, as investors and solar plants. These alignments space saving home equipment DC switching system, inversor solar, AC switchgear. The equipment is pre-configured for easy installation, space saving, time and cost.

We can also help you personalize your package electrical system requirements of your facility, including the physical dimensions of the building or facility. Also, satellites and our regional service centers are well informed about local electrical codes and regulations in your area, allowing us to tailor solutions accordingly.

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Electrical Balance System for public facilities

Eaton offers a complete electrical balance sitema combiners, the investor, a medium voltage interconnection network.

Our NEMA 3R enclosures and outdoor power houses help to protect equipment from the elements and keep it running. Eaton can also help keep solar plants once they are in operation. We offer a wide selection of training operations for equipment power systems, and we are a leader in electrical safety training. We can even help monitor and manage the performance of the solar system with our remote monitoring services performance.

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